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John Shealy, PhD is approved by the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology to offer Continuing Education Credits to the mental health professionals under their jurisdiction for some of the Mindfulness Training Programs he offers:


 • Cultivating Mindful Relationships (or Mindfulness Based Healthy Relationships)

- Weekend morning four session 4-hour programs - 16 CE Credits 

-  Weeknight 6-session 2.5 hour programs - 15 CE Credits

- Weeknight 6-session programs - 12 CE Credits

 • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

- Weeknight 8-session, 2.5 hour programs - 20 CE Credits

- Weeknight 6-session programs - 12 CE Credits  -

Weekend morning four session, 4-hour programs - 16 CE Credits



At this time, no other MBSR program including any of the 3- or 6-session MBSR programs, the 90-minute introductions, Home Study nor Weekend Retreats are approved for CE Credit. This can certainly change should there be sufficient interest in a program to justify the cost and effort of my approaching the board for approval.


Participation Requirements: The board requires that participants attend all classes, no partial CE credits may be given. Please let me know you're interested in CE Credits so I can add your name to the sign-in sheet before the first class. You will need to put your initials on the sign-up sheet for each of the classes.


Note: If you are not a health provider whose profession accepts CE Credits approved by the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology, OR if you are not certain that you are under this umbrella, I encourage you to check with your governing board before registering for a program if the CEs are an important consideration for your taking this course. If your board is anything like Psychology's you'll likely need to some lead time to get approval. So, please begin this process early.


This note from KPA (May 18, 2016) is an example of how things can change. "Due to a change made by the Kentucky Board of Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) in their CE regulation, CE programs offered by the American or the Kentucky Psychological Association are no longer recognized by the LPC Board as meeting the requirements for license renewal by a licensed professional counselor in Kentucky. KPA recently became aware of this regulation change which became final in February of 2016 and wanted to make you aware of this change."


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Cost for CE Credits: No Extra Charge. I just ask that you please be as generous as you are able when choosing your fee for these programs. This will help offset the additional costs of providing CE Credits and allow others who are less fianacially able to participate.


Questions? Drop me a note at or give me a call at 502 727 2996.