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What I find effective in working with therapists, coaches and otherwise qualified folks, is similar to the approach I take with my clients. That is, engaging in the organic process of establishing a trusting relationship while at the same time, digging smoothly and deeply into past trauma, attachment issues, addiction history, etc. And most importantly, engaging in this work from the higher state of consciousness that was experienced during their psychedelic journey(s).


What's different in this training compared with work with my non-therapist/coach clients is that I lay out a map of the therapeutic processes I'm using as they come up naturally in the dance between us.


As we engage in this process from as high a state of consciousness as we are able to access in the moment, we continue to stabilize our view from this higher state and shift our vantage point - how we see the world and our place in it on a daily basis. Stabilization is a central key to long-term, life-enhancing integration of psychedelic experiences as well as the key to the effectiveness of the psychedelic psychotherapy/coaching process.


These personal, real-time therapeutic/coaching experiences allow you to not only integrate your own psychedelic experiences for your own benefit but during the process, you learn what to do with your clients and why. This "training while healing and growing" experience involves a 90-minute session (face-to-face or Zoom) a couple of times a month for several months or until you're confident enough to take on your own clients. Along the way, you will develop some effective marketing options for your integration practice - how to take advantage of the growing demand for this service across the country.


Another aspect of our time together is your learning some of the important research supporting the various aspects of this work - the theory behind each piece of the model - attachment theory, Integral theory, somatic experiencing, what substances work best with which situation, etc. We will experientially explore these areas as the work with your own integration unfolds in a naturally organic and engaging way - you dig as deeply as you are led at the speed you are comfortable with - no rush yet no need to drag your feet either...


As your therapy/coaching practice grows and your clients increase in number and the types of issues they bring to you, I provide a reliable source of on-going support. As with the other folks I work with, you'll set up an appointment, in the case of on-going support, perhaps for only an hour, therefore at a lower cost. During these support sessions, we explore your client's situation together, reflecting on what we've covered during our earlier work and how this applies to your client's situation while reinforcing and stabilizing some of the personal lessons you've learned along the way.


One of the unique qualities of this method of learning how to be an effective psychedelic therapist/coach, is that at every step, you gain personal experience of the power of this form of integration. You also develop your own articulation of this model so that you'll be able to share this experientially-grounded "knowing" with your clients. This supportive process is not just something you've taken from a book, although there will be some studying involved in order to have a grasp on the current research in these areas.


You'll find info about the key parts of this model here.


The financial aspect of this process is the same as with everyone else I work with - sliding scale based on household income. Info here


Here's some info on the differences between a coach and a therapist.


If working with me in support of your moving into the professional role of psychedelic therapist or coach, sounds interesting to you and you'd like to explore it further, reach out and we'll find time for a chat. Info here


I look forward to supporting your move into this exciting and richly rewarding work!


Some alternative or complimentary training options include: MAPS training; Psychedelic Support training; ATMA and you'll find a variety of options when you Google "psychedelic coaching certification" such as this one.