Introduction to Mindfulness


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• Free Recorded Guided Meditations & "Mindfulness Starter Kits." Get a taste of Mindfulness and bring simple intentional meditative practices into your daily life. With some focused effort and clear intention, you can establish mindful exercises that will allow you to experience some of the benefits of a more mindful lifestyle in a few weeks. You may wish to consider a formal Mindfulness program to further reinforce your new habits and lifestyle. Click here to begin your journey into mindfulness.



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Forest Bathing • Shinrin-Yoku


A woman by a tree.

New Programs: Mindful Hiking and Nature Retreats with Jordan Dye 


Would you like to feel more relaxed and in touch without taking a vacation or missing work? Are you curious to try mindfulness practices in nature? This mindful hiking experience can help you recharge and  recenter. Research shows that even two hours in nature can decrease stress and blood pressure levels while increasing feelings of calm.  Learn more










Meditation Classes & Training Programs

For the past 25 years, Jordan and I have sponsored or led meditation classes and retreats, weekly sittings, MBSR programs, Healthy Relationship Programs, Corporate Training Programs and a  host of other community mindfulness offerings. We expect to offer some of these programs again in the future, especially when enough folks express an interest. Drop me a note if you'd like to explore options for mindfulness trainings for you or your organization.

A List of Meditation Groups in Louisville

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